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Consultant business



Hisayo Tomikawa Born in 1966
  • Lehman Brothers Securities Co., Ltd. Representative Liquidator

  • After being headhunted and joining the company as Director(Head of Operations).

  • Lehman Brothers had collapsed in September of the same year , which became a symbol of the global financial crisis.

  • Appointed as "Representative Liquidator" by the Tokyo District Court. For 10 years, dedicated to  the largest-ever bankruptcy claims and debts.  Responsible for customer's expectation management,  work with FSA, MOF and other regulatory.  Supervise the draft of suits.  Achieved a repayment rate of about 97% for the debt , which was estimated  as 6 trillion yen.

  •  Settlement Department, Middle Office, Custody,  Sales support,  Business manager, Client on boarding, KYC,  KPI, Regulatory reporting  (Lehman Brothers, Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank )

  • Recruitment and career coaching

  • Recruitment interviews for more than 2,000 people (new graduates / mid-career)

  • After moving to Karuizawa in April 2018, been  invited to a wide variety of involvement, including promotion of telework and regional core members of the climate forum for thinking about the future of Karuizawa.

  • April 2019 Opened a high-brand select shop in the Karuizawa

  • Lecture  about the "Behind the Lehman shock" 

  • Lecture to junior staff for managerial positions

  • Karuizawa Social Design Institute, co-sponsored by Roots Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Research Institute, Karuizawa Travel Info Co., Ltd., Regional Revitalization Forum, "The local era has begun" panel discussion

  • Presided over by Nomura Research Institute [Short-to-medium- to long-term risk of new corona shock and revival strategy study group] Participation

  • Nomura Research Institute Future Emergence Center "Overcoming the Corona Crisis" Video Panelist

  • JCI International Hackathon 2020 Jury

  • Sponsored by the Facility Office Service Consortium, a general incorporated association. Resort Worcation Planning Panelist on stage

  • ​​ Currently studying about central and local autonomy / administration

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